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Frequently Asked Questions

(Should you have any further questions, please consult our Contact Us page.)

Academic Support

  1. What do I do if I'm having academic problems?
    Talk to your professor first. If this doesn't provide the assistance needed, make an appointment with your Academic Advisor or your Online Student Support Coordinator (SSC) to discuss your situation. Your Advisor or SSC may refer you to the Department of Academic Affairs, which will direct you to appropriate support services including tutors, study groups, and special programs which may be available.
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  2. Are tutors available for all courses and how much will they cost?
    Tutoring is available for most DWC courses to help students attempt to improve their academic performance. Depending on the course, tutoring may be provided individually or in a student study group. Students work with tutors at a time and place decided on by the two individuals or by the study groups. Consistency and timeliness have shown to be critical factors in getting help. DWC charges no fee for this service.
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  3. How do I know if I need a tutor?
    When and if you feel you need individual attention to help you try to improve your grades, a tutor may be the answer. Other times, joining a small study group is equally effective. The Math/Science Support Center and Writing and Academic Skills Center have walk-in hours posted. To request a tutor for courses other than math/science/writing courses, contact the Dean of your School. After you discuss this need with your instructor, getting early assistance is important.
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  4. What can I expect from a DWC tutor and what does the tutor expect of me?
    DWC tutors help you identify where your needs are and can help you find a process for working through solutions. Students must be actively engaged in the tutoring process. The first goal of a tutor is to help students to understand course content and to be able to demonstrate that understanding. The second goal is to help students prepare to become independent learners. Students who need tutoring are responsible for arriving at scheduled meetings prepared and on time. Tutors will coach students, but not do their work. In addition, a student may meet with his/her tutor one-on-one or in a small study group.
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  5. Can I be a DWC tutor?
    To become a tutor, students must complete a DWC Tutor Application and agree to uphold the "DWC Tutor Guidelines." Students can obtain this information from the directors of the Math/Science and Writing Centers. Normally, tutors must have achieved a "B" or better in the course they would like to tutor and get a recommendation from the instructor/professor who taught the course. Occasionally, an instructor might recommend a student who is currently enrolled in a course to tutor students who are having problems. The directors of the Centers will coordinate with the Payroll Office to complete the tutor hiring process. Once hired, tutors keep track of their work hours and have them verified by the students they tutor. Tutors may work with each student they tutor up to three hours a week.
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  6. If I am undecided about my program, what do I do?
    At DWC, students can enter their first year as an "undeclared" major, enroll in general education courses, speak with their advisor, and plan to declare a major during or at the beginning of their second year.
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  7. Can I transfer credits from a community college?
    Applicants may request an unofficial transfer credit evaluation prior to enrolling by providing a transcript for preliminary review to the Registrar. Final confirmation of transfer credit awarded is based on official transcripts only. The College will award transfer credit in accordance with the following guidelines.
    1. Daniel Webster College will evaluate for transfer credit those courses that have been satisfactorily completed by the applicant with a grade of C or better (2.00 or above on a 4.00 scale).
    2. There is no limitation on the age of credit accepted for transfer. Credit normally will be granted where there is evidence to anticipate that a student's skills and knowledge are sufficient to allow the student to complete the desired degree program. However, it may be advisable for students to retake foundation courses in math and writing to support their academic progress at DWC.
    3. The repetition of a course for which the College has awarded transfer credit will result in the removal of transfer credit for that course.
    4. Daniel Webster College may accept in transfer up to one half of the credits required for a DWC associate degree and up to three fourths of the credits required for a DWC bachelor degree.

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  8. Does DWC offer academic advising?
    Yes. Every DWC student has an assigned academic advisor with whom they meet during the year.
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